Little Pitty Party
A'int no party like a little pitty party, 'cause a little pitty party goes "ruff".
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I actually love pitbulls so much



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Every time I’m reminded people exist, I love dogs a hundred times more

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Why I am pro-spay/neuter…


Because I don’t ever want to have to pull dead, rotting puppies out of a dog ever again.
Feel free to criticize me if you want, but I feel like the vast majority of pet owners aren’t responsible enough or educated enough to keep their animals intact.


My dog won by a large amount of votes as ‘cutest pet’ for the local newspaper. But because he’s a pitbull he was not given the prize or recognition. So disappointed with the ignorance of this town. At least I know Valentino is the cutest pet in this town.

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Even though he wasn’t sure of her at first, Anubis now loves his baby sister, Analeigh. She is his new favorite thing. Very proud of him for taking her love-torture.

Quick, dog training people: →




Give me a trick to work on with Adele for her dinner tonight!

So far she knows:
Spin (both directions)
High five (either paw and both)
Paw (both)
Roll over (if you’ve got something good)
Sit pretty
Go lie down (mat)

I’m interested in teaching her…

Also, teaching her to simply back up can help with that too!

Oh yeah, I forgot that one too. We started working on that the other day actually. I’ll be working on that way more in the next couple of weeks :)

My little pitty’s favorite tricks are “leave it”, “heel”, and “through”.

Leave it: toss something delightful near them, or multiple things, and either let them have it with a release word or give them a treat out of hand for ignoring it. The correct training way is to give them a treat and not let them have what you toss near them but some times I’m just too lazy for that.

Heel: Use the command or hand signal (mine is sticking my left hand out, then placing it behind my back) while they are in front of you so they proceed to circle behind you and sit beside you. Anubis ends up at my right side.

Through: Same as heel, hand signal with my right hand instead, and he walks through the middle of my legs and sits at my right.

I always have hand signals, which were fun to teach, and he also knows his commands in German. He actually listens better when I use his German commands. That way you really make their brain work, too.

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